A Busy Man’s Guide to Basic Everyday Self-Care

It’s been a long day. You come home, kick your boots off, set your dirty Tupperware in the sink and crash on the bed, only to wake up early tomorrow morning and repeat what feels like a never-ending cycle. 

And in today’s world, most of us are being overworked and barely have time for ourselves between family commitments or plans you make with friends. But, for men, self-care is something we push to the side until it’s too late or we’re so downtrodden that it seems impossible to go the extra mile. 

For a lot of us, our alone time is spent in a boat or in our blinds a few short months out of the year. We invest so much time and money into hunting and fishing – sometimes admittedly on things we don’t particularly need – that we have to put the rest into our obligatory bills. Yet sometimes we need to invest money into our health rather than the new camo that just came out this year. 

There are plenty of things to dive into, but let’s start with the little things we need to do every morning before kicking off our long day. The breakdown is as follows: 

After waking up a man’s routine should go as follows: 

  • Shower 
  • Brush teeth and floss
  • Apply face moisturizer and other products
  • Trim unnecessary hair or nails 

Simple, right? So let’s go a little deeper. 

We should be showering every day, even if you wake up late. It’s not hard to take a quick, 5-minute shower to jumpstart your battery before tackling the day. Shampoo your hair every two or three days so you don’t dry out your scalp and damage hair. More importantly, wash your face every day. The steam opens up your pores to clean out dirt buildup and other grime. Truly, it’s not a bad idea to shower twice a day, and if you choose to do so you can wash your face at night. 

Every single day, at least twice a day, everyone (not just men) needs to brush and floss their teeth. Poor oral hygiene has been linked to tons of different ailments, so it’s key to take care of your teeth and gums. No one wants to smell morning breath, nor do you want to dish out cash down the road for dentures or treatments for gum disease. Spend at least three minutes brushing all sides in circular and long strokes, and one minute cleaning the cracks between your teeth. 

Perfectly Pink carries a men’s line of products from beard oil and combs to shower frosting.

It took me a long time to get on board with face moisturizer, but you want to make sure you don’t have dead skin flakes that make you scratch your face throughout the day. Moisturizer holds water at the front of your skin, protecting it from dirt and other acne causing grime. If you can find one that also has sun protection properties, go for it. Protecting against the sun’s rays, even if you’re not outside every day, is major. SPF 50 is ideal, but anything about SPF 30 is good, too.

Something else men should do two or three times a week is apply beard oil. It keeps your beard soft, and if you use a natural product like I do (Perfectly Pink’s men’s line beard oil), it doesn’t have harsh chemicals in it that damages your hair and skin. Once you apply the oil, brush it out with a barber’s comb if you have short hair or a thin-tooth comb for long hair.

Finally, one of the most important things guys need to keep in mind is not letting your beard and mustache get out of hand. Nothing looks worse than a scraggly hair that looks like it hasn’t been touched in a week. Don’t do it so often that you damage your skin, but keep things in line with an electric razor before shaving with a traditional blade. Don’t forget to use aftershave to protect against ingrown hairs and other blemishes. I recommend an application with peppermint in it since it improves blood flow, balances oils and hydrates skin.

Everyone’s facial hair is different, so I won’t badger you with my routine – just know your style and growth patterns and keep it in line. 

Those are the easy things you can do begin a cycle of self care. Once you’ve found your groove, there are other things a man should do to take care of himself. That’s for part 2, though. 

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