Escaping the Mundane Day-to-Day 2 Hours Away From Home

Getaway cabins offer perfect atmosphere to clear your mind, connect with your partner

I don’t live in a large metropolitan area – at best, Morgantown is in between a large town and a small city. But still, it’s nice to get away from the craziness of my job for a few days and spend time in nature. 

The Getaway cabins are named after staff members’ grandparents. (Andrew Spellman)

So when my girlfriend, Lindsay, mentioned that there was this cool getaway experience less than three hours away I gave it a look. It was close to her birthday, so I pulled the trigger after looking over it for about an hour. The place is literally called “Getaway” and offers a “glamping” (or glamorous camping) experience for its customers. Now, I’m not a fan of glamping – I’m a tent guy through and through – but this was a great time. 

Getaway has it all locked in. Although the cabins they offer are truly tiny houses, it felt roomy. They offer dishes and cooking equipment, so no need to bring your own, and offer other amenities for purchasing – like if you forget your coffee. You’ll need to bring things like spices, batter mix for fish, drinks and the actual food, but everything else they provide like olive oil and coffee creamer. 

As a first-time renter gift, they gave us a s’mores pack which is available for purchase in their outpost store, but it was a nice surprise. For our hound, Jillian, who joined us on the trip, they had treats and poop bags set aside for her, also an incredibly nice surprise. 

Getaway boasts a large window overlooking a beautiful scene at all their properties. (Andrew Spellman)

The cabins look almost exactly like the ones they market – a big window overlooking the trees behind your cabin, plain wood walls and a big comfy bed. There was a lot of real estate for our bags, shoes, coats and more, which I found surprising for the size of the place. The shower got hot quickly and was a nice addition for a camping trip, especially when you smell like smoke after sitting next to a fire all day. They also give you the chance to buy firewood, which is locked up next to the fire pit in a weather-proof case. Of course, we did, and I was pleasantly surprised to see that after going through two piles of wood and four fire starters – might as well use them if you have them, right? – it only cost me $22. 

While pretty pricey for a two night stay (one weekend, one weekday) it was worth every penny. There’s little service in the Beaver Creek area, which was nice to help unwind. While it usually takes me a few days to settle in, I had a wonderful stay at the Pittsburgh-Cleveland Getaway grounds, and can’t wait to see what the other places have in store. 

I highly recommend anyone looking for a quick retreat from the day-to-day cycle we’re all bound to, go to the Getaway website, find your nearest location and book it. You won’t regret it. It’s also worth noting how deeply they clean these places during the COVID-19 pandemic. While sitting outside on our last day, I could hear the cleaning staff member giving the place a facelift. It took the cleaner almost an hour to finish their job. I even heard them disinfecting the mattress with what sounded like a shampooing device. That’s a huge plus for our current times. 

Now, the only question is, where will we go next?

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