Wild Game Recipe: Cedar Ash-Rubbed Venison Loin with Ramp Butter

Break out those deer loins and pair them with freshly-foraged ramps to create a delicious spring meal There’s nothing better in the spring than breaking out a backstrap or tenderloin procured during deer season, and pairing it with fresh ramps from the woods. With spruce ash rub provided by Lost Creek Farm in Lost Creek, …

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A squirrel eats an acorn.
Small Game

Why Squirrel Hunting is Important

A tradition born out of necessity, squirrel hunting brings us back to our Appalachian roots It’s been a busy few weeks for me. In between graduate school work at West Virginia University, my full-time gig, scouting, and running out to get dove and goose hunts in, I’ve hardly had time to break into my column …

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Canned goods sit on a table.
Cooking Lifestyle

Canning the Obsession

Canning is a useful means of food preservation, but also something that holds many lessons We all are guilty of putting our minds to something, following through, getting obsessed with it and then, either moving forward with it (less obsessed, of course) or giving up on it.  Recently, I became obsessed with canning. I’ve seen …

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Cooking Up Greatness

Family-based Bourbon Hills BBQ finding traction in Tennessee and West Virginia Despite the pandemic and the horrendous toll it took and continues to take on the world, there was a lot of good that came out of it, from businesses learning how effective working from home can be to folks discovering or reawakening their passion …

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